North drift

A film by Steffen Krones

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After a profound experience on the Lofoten Islands, filmmaker Steffen Krones from Dresden begins to build buoys to track the paths of plastic waste through german and international waters. In the process, he meets scientists and companions who support him in his project. Steffen travels north with the buoys - a road trip that opens his eyes to the condition of our waters and the need for substantial change.


A german bottle of beer, washed up on the shore of an almost inaccessible Lofoten island, in the North Polar Sea. Where did it come from? Did it really travel all the way up from Germany? Back in his hometown Dresden, filmmaker Steffen Krones can't get this incidence out of his mind. He not only worries about the quantity of things, that washed up on that Northern shoreline, but also about their history and origins. Is Dresden, by any chance, connected to the Arctic circle via its waterways?

Steffen begins his personal journey to the North by following the paths of river waste. Together with his friend and neighbour, engineer Paul Weiß, he begins constructing GPS-buoys, that can travel all along the Elbe river up into the North Sea. With the support of renowned marine biologists and scientists, he documents the track of plastic waste - first in the Elbe river, then in the North Sea - and investigates the link to the terrible pollution in the North Polar Sea.

We also learn moreabout Kris Jensen - an Inuit and Steffen's friend, who works as a tour guide in the North Polar Sea. In his work, he aims to help tourists gain an appreciation of nature's beauty, but also give them an understanding ofhuman's influence via plastic pollution. Both, Kris and Steffen, are united in their wish to end the pollution of ourworld through plastic waste. Their stories, their highs and lows in their fight for a solution intertwine and slowlyreveal, that we are all part of the cycle and how every single one of us has the ability to fight for change.

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Arctic surface waters had the highest microplastics concentrations of all the world's ocean
National Geographic



Future trajectories of oceanic microplastic concentrations could result in a 50-fold increase by 2100.


People behind

Steffen Krones


is a German director and filmmaker. Born in Dresden, skateboarding led him out into the wide world and brought him to film as well. In collaboration with other filmmakers (such as Sebastian Linda, Torsten Frank or Sven Sauer) he created award-winning videos, short films and documentaries. One of them was the documentary "The Journey of the Beasts", which won many festival awards and was presented as a MUST SEE on ARD. As a freelance filmmaker he works across media and genre for film, television and internet productions.

Uwe Nadler & Dorit Jeßner


are partners in the ravir film company and work mainly in the fields of production, direction and camera. Between 2002 and 2009 both studied at the Technical University Dresden - Uwe tackling geography and media informatics (diploma); Dorit focusing on business studies (diploma). They both started working on multiple film projects as cameraman/-woman and producers even before and during their studies - first mainly in the field of visualisation, later branching out into documentaries. Their main focus and interest lies in documentary projects of artistic and sociopolitical relevance.

Mathias Schulte Ontrop

Preproduction Manager

Mathias, born in 1980, is a local from Bergisch-Gladbach. Already during his sports studies in Cologne, he started working in event management and organized mainly outdoor and adventure events for well-known companies and clients. In this context, and later in his role as Senior Executive Producer at the photo and film production company Natural Born Explorers, he traveled and worked in a wide variety of countries. Steffen and he met during the filming of the "Jack Wolfskin" commercials. Mathias works as a freelance photographer, producer and event manager in Cologne. His specialization in outdoor and travel formats makes him an expert in cross-national film productions with a focus on nature and the environment.

Axel Rothe


Axel Rothe, born in Darmstadt in 1993, has been successfully supervising commercials & feature films in image and color design and technical-artistic implementation as a visual engineer for over 7 years. His company Van Rothe, based in Berlin and Leipzig, provides crew and technology from the camera department to film productions in Berlin and MDM area. As a lecturer he teaches color grading, camera & lighting design and new digital workflows in his workshop series "Creating the Look Academy", which is held in Berlin as well as Leipzig.

Take Action

Especially today it is easy to feel overwhelmed, desperate or doomed. Most people may even feel incapable to act.

This is why we’ve cumulated (and still do) many things you can do to make change actually happen. From small and big NGO’s to local petitions - this is where you can TAKE ACTION now.
The world is cleaning up and Germany is joining in! Anyone who has attended a cleanup knows that moment when you realize you're part of that mess. Here you can find campaigns in your area where you can take action against rubbish and make a difference. Let's make our contribution together and do something good for the environment!
Take Action
We partner with Greenpeace - a strong force in fighting global plastic pollution. If you want to take action, this is what you can do: Click on this link to sign petitions that push on your government to TAKE ACTION. Greenpeace International petition. Because only politicians can pass a bill that could eventually deal with the plastic flood.
Take Action
The nonprofit company OCLEAN is organizing clean-ups around Hamburg on a regular basis. While the two sisters safe tones of plastic from entering the environment, they teach important facts and create local awareness. Join Oclean and TAKE ACTION
Take Action

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